Ultimate Showdown of Musicians -Over $5,000.00 in Prizes & Cash

OVER $5,000.00 in cash $ prizes for this event:

Go to http://taffysofeaton.com/event/taffys-ultimate-showdown-battle-musicians/?instance_id=7427 to get all the details.

If you are a musician, show us what you got and lets' get it begin . . . . .


30 incredible performing acts will perform to win the TAFFYs Musicians Showdown

Ticket price for each day is $3.00 and TAFFYs will donate the funds to a scholarship of a high school student, who will chose a music education related field.


Sat. April 1st 7 to Midnight 15 performances (10 min performances)

Fri. April 14th 7 to Midnight 15 performance (10 min performances)

Fri. April 28th 7 to Midnight 12 performances (10 min performances)

Sat. April 29th 7 to Midnight 6 performances (20 min performances)

May. Fri 12th 8 to 11pm 3 performances (FINALS (45 min performances))

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