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Ask the Organizer

The weather is finally turning nice and our calendars are filling with upcoming activities and visits with family and friends. Bring your questions and quandaries for clearing the household “winter debris”, hosting effortlessly, and getting yourself and your home ready for a more care-free and social summer season.

Speaker: Kathy Druffner

Kathy Druffner founded Druffner Professional Organizing on the belief that being better organized helps people live more balanced and satisfying lives. Kathy works with clients of all ages to implement smarter ways to manage their possessions, papers, obligations, and time so they can be more fully engaged in what is most important to them. Being organized isn’t about attaining perfection. It’s about managing the demands of our lives on our own terms.

Kathy is a 2013 WiBN Top 25 Women to Watch. She currently serves on the Board of David’s Cemetery and volunteers as the designer of the silent auction packages for the annual March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction.