May Winstitute Leadership Workshop

Breakfast Buffet: 8:30 - 9 a.m.

Workshop: 9 - 11 a.m.

Topic: Conflict Resolution

Do you turn and walk the other way when you see someone who tends to push your buttons? Is time wasted in your meetings when the same two people argue over even the most minor differences? Do you find yourself becoming defensive when your bosses question your decisions? Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. Negative responses to it don’t have to be. Creative Conflict can help you think differently about conflict and how you deal with it.

This workshop will help you define conflict and learn skills and tools to move from conflict to creativity.We cover such concepts as:• Seeing the value of conflict• Understanding your emotional response to conflict• Steering conflict toward a more positive outcome• Understanding you can control your response to conflict; you can’t control other people’s behavior• Self-coaching

Speaker: Kathy and Meredith Hollingsworth

Kathy Hollingsworth has more than 40 years of experience in coaching individuals and organizations to their highest potential. She helps individuals and organizations become high performers and facilitates dialogue to create strategic outcomes. Her experience includes coaching and managing both processes and people, facilitating authentic dialogue, developing creative strategies, managing internal and external customers and selling products and services. Kathy spent twenty-nine years in banking, prior to forming Innovative InterChange® Inc. in 2003. Kathy earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from Wittenberg University and an MBA from Case Western University.

Meredith Hollingsworth joined iiChange in January of 2015 and understands the joy and power of helping individuals and organizations be and become their best. Since her start at iiChange, she has facilitated workshops, strategic planning and managed ongoing projects for clients. She is also skilled in content management and digital media design. Prior to joining iiChange, Meredith worked as a researcher and program assistant in DC. She received her Bachelors in American Studies from American University.

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