Callback Holly at lengendary TAFFYs


Callback Holly formed in the summer of 2012 and was formed by singer/songwriter, Scott Fatone and singer/guitar player, Billy Bean. They began writing songs that they've always wanted to write since they started playing in bands. After recruiting the rest of the band made up of bassist, Jake Stevens and drummer, Kyle Ryan, they hit the studio to record a 4 song EP and get their songs out to the world. With "Hello, for now" ready to hit the streets, so are they. They will be supporting their release with an east coast tour this fall. Check out their EP "Hello, for now" at callbackholly.bandcamp.com iTunes Spotify Amazon

There are few genres that are as infectious as pop punk. If you like it, you pretty much live for it. Anytime a newer band shows up in the pop punk arena, it's met with excitement, worry and an almost unbearable nostalgia. Callback Holly is the next promising act for pop punk fans.

- Creative Control Mag