Another Trip Around the Sun

April 8, 2017
9:00 pm

3DMentional przntz

-----------------------"Another Trip Around the Sun"---------------------------

****** SASHA ******

Last Night on Earth

Wales, UK

If there are boundaries yet to be broken, then you can bet that Sasha has got them in the crosshairs. He's been battering them down since Shelley's, The Hacienda, Renaissance and Twilo; from Airdrawndagger to Invol3r. Since 2011, he's carved a new way with his increasingly pivotal Last Night On Earth imprint, the label that has introduced into its family fiercely forward-thinking producers like My Favourite Robot's James Teej, Simon Baker, ThermalBear, Ejeca, Ghosting Season, Max Cooper and Knox.

Then there was the arrival of the long-awaited third album in his 'Involver' series in 2013, the intricate and challenging 'Involv3r'. It combined on one disc Sasha's peerless command of dance floor sensibilities and on the other his skilful exploration of beatless soundscapes, featuring his exclusive interpretations of tracks from The xx, Blondes, Little Dragon, Benjamin Damage, Foals and ThermalBear. It also featured 'Shoot You Down', his own spine-chilling anthem with vocals from the beguiling Swedish chanteuse Kicki Halmos.

Boundaries out of the studio have been equally unsafe. Taking over with his Last Night on Earth parties around the globe, Sasha has brought nothing but the finest line-ups to clubbers around the world. Last summer he hit the world-renowned Space Ibiza with a monthly LNOE residency, which showcased the likes of Scuba, Catz & Dogz, Heidi, Magda and of course Sasha himself. He also hosted his first festival arena with Last Night on Earth at SW4 in the capital earlier this year.








Bay Area, CA

Bay Area production force known as Helicopter Showdown has earned the reputation in the underground bass music culture as “Wu Tang” of Dubstep. These West coast bass monsters have been turning heads and crashing parties worldwide with their unique blend of heavy dubstep, melodic electro house, and thundering trap. Having dominated the Bay Area bass music scene over the past several years, HS has been called out of their homeland to perform and curate events all over the North America in cities such as New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Montreal, and many in between. Supported by such highly respected artists as Rusko, Borgore, Mt. Eden, Calvertron, Skism, Downlink, and Reid Speed amongst others, their music is quickly being recognized everywhere from the most distinguished UK dubstep pioneers to the smaller pockets of bassheads in middle USA.

While playing some of the biggest festivals the scene has to offer (EDC, Electric Forest & Electric Zoo), HS has consistently remained high in the Beatport charts with their steady flow of original mixes and collaborations alike. The HS crew smashed their way onto the Beatport charts early on with their monumental releases “The Wrestler” [Ultragore], followed by “Holy Ghost” [Play Me] feat. MC Messinian. Recently HS has become even more of a household name in the Beatport Dubstep charts, planting themselves firm within the top 20 with their latest releases “Cali Born” with Virtual Riot, Midnight Marauders and Drippin' on their own ANEMNESIS label. They are currently finishing up their next FULL-LENGTH album featuring the fresh vocal talents of Young Aundee, and have a laundry list of collaborations in store that will make 2014 a marquee year for them.

Helicopter Showdown also stands out from the rest of the bass community due in part to their reputation for holding their fans in the highest regard, proving their love through their consistent efforts to give away FREE music; with highly acclaimed releases “These Vile Creatures EP)”, “Wallpaper - Ricky Reed Is Remixed EP", “On The Shoulders Of Giants EP", "Churched Out / Nobody Loves No One EP [Dubstep.net Exclusive]” and the classic “Major Lazer - Original Don (HS Remix) all given gratis to their hungry fanbase. HS even takes it one step farther, giving away free downloads of their signature sounds and production templates.

With their dedication to production, their fans, and taking their 3 person team onto the stage and turning any given party into a full blown event, keep a close eye on Helicopter Showdown as they bring the party from the West Coast underground to a city near you.





****** MANTIS ******

Atlanta, Ga

Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, known as Mantis, are a relentless duo. Having begun their musical careers with metal & deathcore, the transition to heavy bass music was not so much a step down in intensity, but a slide into a world with spectacular tools to mix dense layers of music in new ways, and deploy it with force. Mantis was formed in early 2011 to test the boundaries of metal-influenced production, and plunge the result into a wash of haunting atmospheres. Mantis wants to provide “music to make you feel like you’re somewhere else, and you’ve never been more stoked to be there.”

With that target in sight, 2011 was a smashing first year; the momentum began in Atlanta, and overflowed with releases on labels such as Play Me, Heavy Artillery, BroTown Records, & Abducted Records. A standard was set with 2011's "All Worlds", their first EP, breaking the top 10 on Beatport's Dubstep releases, and held with 2012's "Futures" scoring #5 on Beatport's overall chart. The support of tastemakers such as Liquid Stranger, Downlink, Figure, Cyberoptics, Diesel, Genetix, Persist, & Sluggo, points to an accomplishment of musical influence on an international scale, and the potential for much more.

A history in Atlanta's metal scene, playing in acts such as WLTP and Attila, provides Mantis' cornerstone of fierce stage skills. Having become known across the USA for throwing down an aggressive live show with unmatched energy and only the heaviest bass music, Mantis' reputation stands as being one of the gnarliest new production teams in the scene.

With packed crowds at hand, and Beatport charts at their feet, only one goal remains- to raise the awareness of metal-influenced bass music... oh, and world domination.



****** BOMMER ******

Bommer (Zack Bommer) is a twenty-two year old dubstep producer from St. Louis, Missouri. Bommer is a testament of what dedication and perseverance can lead to. From starting at local bars before dubstep was a household name, Bommer put countless hours a day into his craft. Fast-forward four years, Bommer has had releases on labels such as Smog, Prime Audio, Subquake Audio, Octane Audio, and GMB Records. In addition to his production, Bommer’s mixing skills are second to none. With flawless double drops to clean transitions, Bommer can keep any dance floor entertained.






****** Tony Desaro ******


Dayton, Ohio



****** Matt Freeman ******


Dayton, Ohio


****** David Michael ******

Passionate Dj

Dayton, Ohio


****** GatewAy ******

cincinnati, ohio






****** Jonomatic ******

My Best Friends Party

Columbus, Ohio

Multi- Genre





****** Phillis Wayne ******

Subsonic Frequencies / toortous

Dayton, Ohio

Deep Dub/Wonky Dubstep



****** Johnny Mack ******

Cincinnati, OH


Techno / House





twitter: AfterPartyCincy


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